She was born in Belgium and studied the Decorative Arts and the Fine Arts techniques at the Bisschoffsheim Institute and then graduated at the Royal School of Arts in Brussels.

Only later, after retiring from her accountant work, did she pursue art. When renewing with her painting and drawing art passion, she discovered by chance the stained glass technique and made it her vocation. She started to execute true Stained Glass pieces of art and utilized her extensive drawing and artistic experience to make unique, personalized Stained Glass magnificent !

Homeowners will be delighted by the design of her Tiffany lamps and other decorative patterns such as residential windows, candleholders, towel racks, bookends…. Women will be amazed by her jewels, brochees and pendants.

According to clients’ wishes and needs of buildings, she will design what will perfectly enhance fine home interiors.

Since 10 years, numerous were the exhibitions she has participated in, in Paris and in the South of France. She has offered to the astonished eyes of visitors an array of masterpieces inviting them to a universe of enchanting colours and design.

Translation of a Daniel Anceau's text

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