LE DAUPHINE LIBERE - 10 décembre 2001

Stained Glass Exhibition and pastels at the tourist office

Christiane Versluysen, a French artist of Belgian origin, is currently exhibiting, and until December 14, the Tourist Office of Cavaillon.

Her creations are very diverse and original.

First mosaics, multicolored stained glass in different forms: lamps containing the famous dragonflies and Tiffany various decorative objects: mirrors, photophores, porte-mail, pots, round towel ... The designer, also a painter, exhibits some pastel watercolors. She studied decorative arts for 5 years and remained 40 years without using her creative gifts.

Pre retired she discovered a passion for stained glass and pastels. Christiane started with creating Tiffany style lamps and reproducing pastel portraits painted by Vermeer before relying her own imagination.

Her lampshade may include more than 400 pieces and represent hours careful working: "The window is a permanent challenge, because we believe we dominate the glass while it is the glass that dominates us, "she says. Her passion for pastel leads to the figurative, mostly landscapes and nudes.
This unique exhibition is really worthseeing, especially at Christmas time when everyone is looking for an original gift.

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